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The EWS Financial Group Offers Many ServicesSo you ask,
 "What Can I Expect From The EWS Financial Group?"

Our primary function is illustrating the reasons why you and/or your employees should allocate funds for insurance products. We will make you aware of the typical financial problems that people face at some time in their lives, and we will show you how proper planning can help to prevent or solve these problems.

Having been involved in the financial services arena for almost twenty years, we credit much of our success to being able to satisfy our client’s needs for products underwritten by financially strong, reputable companies. But more importantly, our success is due to providing personalized service to our clients with promptness, honesty, and by returning telephone calls within 24 hours.

We take pride in educating all of our clients on the key details of their insurance contracts.  With a team effort, we will set goals and establish a plan of action that will meet your specific needs.  

Common Questions

If there are questions that need to be answered like:

  • “What is the difference between term insurance and permanent insurance?”
  • “What does 80/20 mean?”
  • “When can I get my money?” 

We are able to answer these questions in a timely manner.

Although our expertise lies in the areas of life, health, and disability insurance, as well as, an assortment of retirement plans, we have formed partnerships with an assortment of local property and casualty agencies.   This affords us the opportunity to have all of your insurance needs satisfied (i.e. malpractice, car insurance, construction bonds, liability, etc.)

Usually situations can be resolved by phoneAfter a contract is in force, there may be certain situations that require special attention.  Usually, they can be solved after a series of telephone calls to the insurer.  However, if circumstances dictate written communication, you will receive originals and or photocopies of each document for your file.   This enables you, the client, to stay abreast of all the activities surrounding your particular case.

We value your time.

We realize that establishing a professional relationship with any of your advisors, be they medical, financial, or legal, can be trying.  You must take time out of your busy schedule to find an individual or firm that you can trust and feel comfortable enough to share personal and confidential information.  To that end, we maintain the practice of keeping conversations dealing with personal matters strictly between you, the client and our office.  This helps to reinforce the covenant of confidentiality that we promise.

We value and appreciate your business

& look forward to working with you in the near future!

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