The EWS Financial Group

Internship Program

For the past twenty-five years, The EWS Financial Group, a financial services and insurance consulting firm, has provided individuals and corporations with specially designed solutions to meet their specific financial needs.

Internship Program, You Should Be With Us!The following will outline the products and services available through the firm:

Your Life. Your Legacy. Your Masterpiece



Personal Insurance Plans and Wealth Building
Life Insurance Needs Analysis · Health Insurance Needs Analysis · DisabilityIncome Needs Analysis ·Final Expense Plans ·Term Insurance · Whole Life Insurance

Hey Dad!

Will Your Dreams For Your “Little Girl” Come True If You Die?

Business Insurance Planning
Buy Sell Plans · Key Person Insurance · Salary Continuation Plans

Fund Raising Campaigns
Churches · Non-Profit Organizations · Community & Civic Organizations

Employee Benefit Plans
Group Health Insurance · Dental Insurance · Payroll Deduction Plans

Tax Favored Saving Programs
IRA · Annuities, and other wealth building products

The EWS Financial Group has had exposure to the most intense of marketing, sales and financial environments in some of the most competitive markets in the United States.

The Internship Program gives an individual the opportunity to learn about the marketing and sales of financial products.   In addition, they will attend special events, telemarket, make presentations and represent the firm in the general marketplace.  Once the intern is exposed to all of the opportunities available in the firm, he/she will be able to specialize in and manage that profit center.   

Most importantly, the candidate must have a professional appearance, excellent communication skills, and an enthusiastic, outgoing personality.  Computer skills (Word ’97, Internet, etc.) are also required.    College students with the ability to work throughout the school year are preferred.   

All interested applicants should call or email:


Eric W. Smith, Managing Director

The EWS Financial Group

P.O. Box 360726

Decatur, GA 30036