Final Expense Plan

Average Funeral Cost $6,500 *

*According to the National Funeral Directors Association:

My Final Expense Policy offered by The EWS Finanacial GroupThis price does not include Cemetery charges such as:

  • Cemetery Lot Price $200 to $1,200 average.
  • Vault Cost $300 and up.
  • Monument or Marker Costs $500 and up

The “TOP 14 ” reasons why YOU should purchase a Final Expense Plan

  1. YOU are in total control of how you want your final arrangements handled.
  2. Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and other creditors cannot attach your benefits
  3. Special underwriting guidelines for almost every health condition
  4. Pay off Credit Card debts, Auto loans, Mortgage balance, Medical bills, etc.
  5. Your loved ones can use any funeral home
  6. FINAL EXPENSE plans take the financial burden off your loved ones.
  7. A FINAL EXPENSE plan gives YOU and YOUR Loved Ones peace of mind
  8. The check comes to your loved ones.   NOT to the Funeral Home.
  9. The cash benefits are TAX FREE and go directly to your beneficiary.
  10. These policies can be purchased with death benefits that range from $500 - $25,000.
  11. Simplified underwriting make approval quick and easy.
  12. Typically, no exam or blood work is required.
  13. The life insurance coverage is permanent.
  14. Life insurance premiums never change .

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